Air version of BrahMos tested on Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jet

Punjab: The Indian Air Force today test-fired an air-launched version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile fired from the Russian made Su-30 MKI fighter jet. The testing of air version BrahMos occurred onboard  Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jet. The advanced fighter jet took off from the Northern Air Command IAF frontline base in Punjab and struck a target deep inside the Indian Ocean using the cruise missile. Earlier, testing occurred on the destroyer INS Chennai as a naval version in the Arabian Sea. Subsequently, after the land and sea trails, BrahMos air trails too prove to be a success.

According to the reports, the multi-role fighter jet took down the target about 4000 km away from the base. The test is crucial as the compatibility of these missiles are being tested onboard all the fighter jets currently in the IAF arsenal. Two Jets, specifically The Su-30 MKI and the recently inducted Rafale will form the backbone of IAF during future aerial combat. Hence, the DRDO and HAL are collaborating on all fronts for futuristic warfare technology.

Sukhoi-30 MKI

The BrahMos missile now stands to conquer all four aspects of the trial process. Launching can occur from a submarine, ships, aircraft, or land. It is also the fastest cruise missile in the world. The third test of the missile in the last two months by the IAF points to readiness for all kinds of strategic missions shortly.  The test is significant because BrahMos will act as a deterrent against any threats from Pakistan or China. BrahMos can hit any targets within the range of 450 kilometers. The Chinese HD-1 is currently the only missile in the Asian sub-continent that can stand on par with BrahMos. However, the missile has not been yet for combat missions. And defense experts cannot draw an exact comparison between the Indian made BrahMos and China made HD-1.

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