‘Kerala will have a new wave of Covid’; Chief Secretary

The Chief Secretary warned that Kerala may have a new wave of Covid. However, other Indian states are faring better in tackling the Covid. Kerala having a new wave of Covid can have grave repercussions. The state is still reporting a large number of Covid cases on a routine basis.

Kerala’s Chief Secretary, Vishwas Mehta said that the government is already in anticipation of another Covid wave. Meanwhile, the new alert comes after local bypolls are due in the state.

“We have been fighting the Coronavirus since last January. Kerala has the best COVID recovery rate at 98 percent,” he pointed out. Also, the fatality rate was very low, he added. “The COVID-19 spread has reduced now. We need to live with this virus. Each of us needs to ensure our own safety. Till a clear remedy is available, we have no other choice,” he added.

The Chief Secretary also recalled the early days of Covid in the state. He said, “When India’s first COVID-19 case was reported in Kerala in January, even the central government was not clear about the course of action to be adopted,” the Chief Secretary said. “A student, who had returned from Wuhan in China, had first tested positive for COVID-19 in the state. With our experience of combating Nipah, we formulated a protocol to fight COVID”.

Kerala needs to foster vigilance

Meanwhile, the state’s health minister has requested vigilance to improve the outlook of the state against Covid. The minister said, “On September 11, the total number of patients exceeded one lakh. In just two months, the number of patients reached 5 lakh. Although the total number of Covid cases has crossed 5 lakh, the death toll is only 1,771. As compared to other states, Kerala has managed to keep the mortality rate to as low as 0.35 percent”.

Furthermore, the minister added, “The state has been fighting Covid for the past 10 months. Covid-19 was first reported in India on January 30, in Kerala. The first patient was a student from Wuhan, China. But even as cases surged in other states, Kerala has managed to hold on. In the first phase, there were three cases. As of May 3, a total of 496 people had been infected in the second phase. On May 3, the number of people under treatment dropped to 95 and the number of people recovered rose to 401. With the lockdown litter and the checkpoints opened on May 4, the number of patients in the third phase slowly increased. Subsequently, clusters were formed in different parts of the state. We managed to control the outbreak by developing an effective cluster containment strategy”.

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